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The Technical Archives house the collections of retired and semi-retired professionals from Golder Associates who achieved wide recognition in their fields of expertise, and support Golder’s vision of possessing “the knowledge to find the answers.”




Browse Technical Papers Written by Golder’s Founders and Senior Colleagues

 Dr. Victor Milligan  Dr. H. Q. Golder  Larry Soderman  Norm McCammon  Ted Brown

Max Ervin

John Seychuk

Don Welch

What Do the Technical Archives Include?

At present, the Archives contain collections in geotechnical engineering (soil and rock mechanics). The cornerstones of the Archives are the papers and materials of two of Golder’s founders:

Dr. H. Q. Golder (1911 – 1990) – A Pioneer and Authority in Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Victor Milligan (1929 – 2009) – An Acknowledged Expert in Dams, Embankments and Soft Ground Tunnels

The Archives also currently contain collections of materials from other senior Golder Associates professionals, as well as one summary of outstanding technical work:

Norman McCammon (1934 – 2009)

Larry Soderman (1927 – 1969)

Emeritus Professor E. T. (Ted) Brown, AC (1938 – ) 

Max Ervin (1949 – )

John L. Seychuk (1931 – Present)

Don Welch (1938-Present)

The Challenge of the Beaufort Sea – Sand, Clay and Ice. A Record of Geotechnical Work by Golder Calgary in the 1980s

How Can I Access the Actual Archives?

Researchers, academics, and other interested parties are welcome to access materials through the Foundation.
In most cases, separate collections will be kept at the local Golder Associates office where the donor worked.
Onsite viewing may be arranged, as well as copying or scanning within the limits of copyright laws. Loans of actual materials will be restricted in most cases. Some materials are anticipated to be available for external accessibility, barring copyright prohibitions, in the coming years.

For further information, contact the Foundation archivist:

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