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The Golder Foundation: Furthering Knowledge and Learning

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Golder Associates is an employee-owned organisation internationally known and recognised for its commitment to technical excellence. Its founders started the organisation with a vision to help its clients solve complex problems in the fields of ground engineering and environmental sciences.

As part of this commitment and in the spirit of the organisation’s origins, Golder Associates created the Golder Foundation in 2013 to help further knowledge and learning through three parallel streams in order to:


How was the Foundation Started?


Victor Milligan, one of Golder’s founders, was a man with the curiosity to continuously learn, and the courage and pragmatism to apply what he knew to resolve the engineering challenges borne of the uncertainties and variabilities of the earth.

In 2009, Victor invited John Westland, currently a Principal at Golder Associates and a member of the Golder Foundation Board of Directors, to help him sort through materials he had collected throughout his career, including classic texts on soil mechanics, Victor’s technical papers, his notes from review board assignments in Greece and Singapore, annotated journals, design sketches, and drafts of speeches he had given.

Victor unfortunately passed away unexpectedly shortly after this meeting. His death signified a loss not only to his family and friends, but also to the many Golder colleagues he had mentored and influenced throughout his long career.

Victor’s death also triggered payment from an insurance policy that the company held. The President of Golder Associates at the time, Rick Firlotte, a protégé of Victor’s, felt strongly that the funds from that policy be used to “give back” to the profession, rather than simply be absorbed into that year’s annual corporate revenue. It was these two gifts – Victor’s professional library, and the insurance proceeds – that were the sparks to create the Golder Foundation.



As expressed by Victor Milligan, one of the founders of Golder Associates


How is the Golder Foundation Registered and Governed?

The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit entity in Canada which was incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act on October 7, 2013.
It is governed by a Board of Directors, currently consisting of 3 senior Golder colleagues from Canada, Italy and Australia.


For more information about Golder Associates visit golder.com.

We welcome questions about the Golder Foundation!

Please send an email to Info@golderfoundation.org.

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